Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Weekly Update.

Lately I feel like I've been living on Instagram more than any other social media network. There's just something about being inspired by photos from other like minded individuals, designers and illustrators, that motivates me to start my own projects or collaborations. I cannot say that I've posted much of the design work I actually do, but keep an eye out, that's all about to change soon!

Here's a little update as to what's been happening in my world lately through the eyes of Instagram.
- Making the most of Spring time by brewing my own iced teas
- Fresh flowers. Need I say more?
- Exploring and revisiting some of our favourite local cafes (more on one of those later this week!)
- Always trying to get the trending coffee shot to post on Instagram, however sometimes the husband just flat out refuses and insists we actually spend some quality time hanging out ;) I guess he makes a fair point haha!

If I am a bit quiet on here at times, you will most surely be able to find me on Instagram ;) (@ilana_mcmorran)


  1. Instagram is definitely also the social media outlet I'm most involved with. Such a great source of inspiration.

    Lovely shots Ilana. That homemade iced tea looks too good x

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