Monday, July 29, 2013

A Geometric Affair

Geometric Dress / ASOS, Denim Jacket / Urban Outfitters, Leather Chucks / Converse, Bowler Hat / Dangerfield 

Well after a busy time with family visiting last week, we had a bit of a low key weekend just to relax, spending some time together and get the house in order for our next load of visitors next week (feeling very popular with so many of our friends managing a trip over the ditch to come visit us!!!! Yay!!!).

I've been meaning to get out and get some snaps of this dress. I would like to say it's a recent purchase, but no, I've had it for a few months now, just been putting it off getting dressed up for photos. Lately I've been enjoying jumping in my hoodie, old pair of jeans and my leather chucks and just be as comfortable and as warm as possible, but today felt like dressing up a bit :) I have a not-so-secret love affair with geometry and patterns, so this little number has become a favourite of mine for sure. Too bad it turned out to be a super windy and chilly today that I couldn't get much enjoyment out of it outside haha!

Oh the things we do to feel nice ;)


  1. It still looks cute under your jacket! So pretty! :)

  2. Really cute, love your pictures and blog! : )


  3. I adore your dress, and your photos are lovely. Just discovered your blog, I'll definitely be back :)

    Holly xx

  4. Super rad look. Love the geometric print on your dress x

  5. Cute outfit, I think geometric prints are awesome, maybe I have a crush jeje

    xo Ruzu


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