Friday, December 20, 2013

Pillow Love.

Shop for Christmas gifts.

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Shop for personalized gifts.

We've had an incredibly busy start to the Christmas season, dividing our time between friends visiting from New Zealand, going to visit family in Brisbane and the big one, moving house! It's been a daunting but fun task unpacking our new home and decorating every room to match our style and taste.

One thing I think you can never have enough of, are throw pillows. You can swap and change, mix & match them between rooms to create fresh and interesting features. Christmas came early for me with these lovely animal throw pillows from Uncommon Goods. A quirky and adorable set that now live in our bedroom and add a little bit sunshine and joy to our room. Don't they just make you happy??

With only days to go before Christmas, Uncommon Goods has an incredible selection of, as the name suggests, uncommon, quirky and funny gifts for everyone. Definitely worth a look!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

For Art's Sake.

I've always been in love with art ever since I was a young girl. What's not to love? There are as many styles of art than what there are music genres, and always something for everyone. So I have been on the hunt for art pieces that would suit our home and our style. Always a hard thing to do with the massive range available these days! Saatchi Online is an online collection of art which you can buy (or even sell if you are an artist yourself!). Above are featured some of my favourite Pop Art pieces that I've discovered on there, with many other prints available.
Make sure you head over to find some beautiful pieces for you own home!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Manchester Press.

Here in Melbourne, there is no lack of incredible breakfast spots to go and try. Neil and I have been making our way through a list of places that we've walked past, heard about or seen top rated on Urbanspoon. On the weekend, my dear friend, Soné from Polli, and I launched our Friday morning with girls' breakfast out. We made our way into the city to experience what so many others have loved and raved about, and that is Manchester Press.

Tucked in at the back of Rankins Lane, we were greeted with the rare sight of a giant disco ball hanging high above the entrance, and fantastic illustrations. Inside it was busy and bustling but we managed to find a table where we were again, surrounded with gorgeous illustrations covering the walls. At the first glance of the menu, we both knew we wouldn't be able to go past their bagels, and I'm so glad we didn't! I cannot emphasize how incredible and filling this breakfast was (apart from a few sneaky macarons, we didn't eat anything again till 4pm that afternoon!). And not to mention the coffee was an art in itself. I don't know how the barista knew that I have a slight bunny obsession, but it melted my heart when I received my coffee with the sweetest bunny art on there! 

I will most definitely be bringing friends and family we have visiting before the end of the year, back here! Top choice :)

Thanks Manchester Press!

Thursday, September 26, 2013


My brain has a way of working itself into overdrive A LOT of the time.

So much unnecessary time gets spent making lists of uncompleted tasks, dreaming up scenarios of things that can go wrong with a job (which 90% of the time, they never happen anyway!), and always playing the  'what if' game. If I get woken up at night and my brain starts processing worries that I have for the future, I cannot shut it down and it's so hard to fall asleep again.

That's why sometimes I have to remind myself of this very simple concept.
Leave tomorrow's worries for tomorrow.


There will always be time tomorrow to think about it, troubleshoot a solution and problem solve till you get the desired outcome.

May this be a reminder for you too.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Weekly Update.

Lately I feel like I've been living on Instagram more than any other social media network. There's just something about being inspired by photos from other like minded individuals, designers and illustrators, that motivates me to start my own projects or collaborations. I cannot say that I've posted much of the design work I actually do, but keep an eye out, that's all about to change soon!

Here's a little update as to what's been happening in my world lately through the eyes of Instagram.
- Making the most of Spring time by brewing my own iced teas
- Fresh flowers. Need I say more?
- Exploring and revisiting some of our favourite local cafes (more on one of those later this week!)
- Always trying to get the trending coffee shot to post on Instagram, however sometimes the husband just flat out refuses and insists we actually spend some quality time hanging out ;) I guess he makes a fair point haha!

If I am a bit quiet on here at times, you will most surely be able to find me on Instagram ;) (@ilana_mcmorran)

Monday, July 29, 2013

A Geometric Affair

Geometric Dress / ASOS, Denim Jacket / Urban Outfitters, Leather Chucks / Converse, Bowler Hat / Dangerfield 

Well after a busy time with family visiting last week, we had a bit of a low key weekend just to relax, spending some time together and get the house in order for our next load of visitors next week (feeling very popular with so many of our friends managing a trip over the ditch to come visit us!!!! Yay!!!).

I've been meaning to get out and get some snaps of this dress. I would like to say it's a recent purchase, but no, I've had it for a few months now, just been putting it off getting dressed up for photos. Lately I've been enjoying jumping in my hoodie, old pair of jeans and my leather chucks and just be as comfortable and as warm as possible, but today felt like dressing up a bit :) I have a not-so-secret love affair with geometry and patterns, so this little number has become a favourite of mine for sure. Too bad it turned out to be a super windy and chilly today that I couldn't get much enjoyment out of it outside haha!

Oh the things we do to feel nice ;)
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