Thursday, September 26, 2013


My brain has a way of working itself into overdrive A LOT of the time.

So much unnecessary time gets spent making lists of uncompleted tasks, dreaming up scenarios of things that can go wrong with a job (which 90% of the time, they never happen anyway!), and always playing the  'what if' game. If I get woken up at night and my brain starts processing worries that I have for the future, I cannot shut it down and it's so hard to fall asleep again.

That's why sometimes I have to remind myself of this very simple concept.
Leave tomorrow's worries for tomorrow.


There will always be time tomorrow to think about it, troubleshoot a solution and problem solve till you get the desired outcome.

May this be a reminder for you too.


  1. I need to take this advice too. Thank you.

  2. I need this piece of advice so badly right now...thanks! I got such a surprise when i came onto your blog...get minds?? :) mine looks so similar

  3. love this quote. thanks for the advice!


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