Friday, August 5, 2011

Hand Made.

Do any of of you have those pieces which you keep in your wardrobes for months, never to trow out, but hardly wear? Well, this skirt was the first skirt I've ever made!! (Well, when I say I made it, what I really mean is that mum pretty much did everything!) This one was made last year sometime, but is now just too big (yay) for me to wear regularly - the belt helps a bit, but it's not the same when wearing a skirt that slides down the whole time. I think it may be time to acquire the help of my dear mother again to take it in, as I am rather fond of this material.

Perhaps sewing lessons in the near future may be an option? :)


  1. Oh i love that skirt! Definitely worth the re-fitting!

  2. It's gorgeous! I adore the print and colors.

  3. i love that skirt! do whatever you need to to keep it!

  4. I love the artwork in the back ground. oh, and that skirt!

    I keep nearly everything..its so frustrating too! Often when I thrift I love the pattern, shape, etc..but never wear it....just look at how pretty it is!

  5. Aww you look so lovely, that skirt is gorgeous. Can't believe you made it!! Also love how Flopsy has made an appearance in these piccies haha :) xxx


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