Monday, August 8, 2011

Layer Up.

Scrapbook Peach Dress. Black Woolly Jersey. Vintage Pattern Scarf. 
Najo Cross Necklace. Orbit Leather Shoes.

I seriously realized this week my lack of actual winter clothing. Not that I really mind, I prefer buying pieces that I can wear all year long, and just need some adjusting to make it suitable for winter. This peachy/pinky dress I got at the start of the year for a yummy summer's wedding. With the thin material and skinny straps, it is hardly suitable to wear for winter, but I decided it is time I make it suitable! So I invested in some merino wool tops to wear underneath, and layer them with something warmer on the outside too, then just add a scarf and you are set to go!

Now that we have already been to the snow, I am eagerly awaiting Spring time!


  1. Love the layering of the jumper and the dress! Quirky and stylish xx

  2. I simply love the simple layering, the knit sweater, the jumper, and everything else under!
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  3. I'd go for the same outfit but opt to wear high heels.
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  4. I love it. Your wholesale clothing outfit reminds me so much of Zoey Deschanel and 500 Days of Summer.

  5. I like your choice of black heritage shoes for this outfit. I thought it would have worked with a clarks shoes but it's cuter with your black footwear.


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