Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gillian Tennant.

I absolutely fell in love with this collection by Gillian Tennant via Style Milk Shop. These feminine pieces with the soft, "flowing" fabrics and toned down hues is exactly the style which I am wanting to move into, as I think this is most suited for my figure. They have gorgeous pieces that would make for a great basic to any outfit, and those scarves add such a beauty to the overall look.

If you love these pieces as much as I do, head over to the Style Milk Shop and grab the your favourite pieces!


  1. Oh wow. IN LOVE. This collection is right up my street - the sheer fabrics, the neutral colours... everything! Love it.

    x Michelle |

  2. really love the different ways the scarves are tied.

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous pieces, I definitely need to add some skirts to my wardrobe.

  4. I love every single outfit! the soft colors and lines are perfect!

  5. I like the neutral colours. Although I can never pull off the scarf look for some reason?!


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