Friday, July 22, 2011

I do not seek, I find.

Models: Elise Hislop and Josh Muller
Hair and Makeup artist: Fiona Wright
Photographer and stylist: Kelly Barriball
Creative assistant: Nat Peri

Gran's Loose Change is a very cute little online shop, based here in New Zealand, that offer a large selection of vintage finds for guys and gals. These are just a few snippets of a recent shoot they did for their shop, which I found rather darling!

I secretly would love to have a photoshoot in a grass field such as this, the colours are just stunning and makes me happy! Oh the small things in life that excite us ay :)


  1. ooo, I love these too. Dry grass fields are the best :)

  2. beautiful photos! i love the clothes, and everything about this really.

  3. that white top is really lovely! x
    i love the colour tone of these photos too ;)

  4. Aw wow, I loved looking at these. That orange jacket is amazing x

  5. Lovely pictures..I love that models hair, I miss my long hair! thanks for sharing! :) -Lo


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