Monday, July 25, 2011

To beard or not to beard...

...THAT my friends, is the question!

Last weekend Neil and I had a bit of an adventure to capture some shots for the Fashion by Feelings initiative (here and here) and came across these train tracks which thought for perfect location. While we had our little date, the topic of Neil's lovely fluffy beard came up. Now in all honesty, I don't mind it too much, as long as it is neat and trimmed. He is exactly the opposite and wants to grow the beast as big and wild as he can. I just responded and said it's silly, no one likes beards that much anyway. And that's where he thought it a great opportunity to put that question to the test and find out.

Sooo...yay or nay for the beard?
I like a bit of stubble and the a slight overgrown look, just to show of his manly manliness (hehe) you know? But not too sure about the beast growing in thickness and size.


I must say one thing I do really like is this awesome oversized woolly jumper we bought him in an opshop when we visited in Wellington last year. There has been many a cold day where I have decided to hide in this monstrosity to keep me safe from the cold.


  1. Oh gosh.. I know exactly what you mean. I like when Morne has some beard action going on, just a little scruffy/manly-ness, but anything more than that I can't stand! Haha! He shaved for the first time in months yesterday and was barely recognisable!

    I think your hubby looks pretty cool as he is at the moment - especially in that rad jumper! :)

  2. not bad... but I prefer clean cut!


    From a blog you may enjoy!

  3. go for the beard! my vote is let him try anything he wants! (as long as his job permits, of course)
    if he looks terrible, I'm sure he'll realise soon enough, and you'll both have something to laugh about ("remember that time I grew a massive beard?!") in years to come!

  4. Beards really seem to be in right now! Though I can't say I'm a fan... hehe. I'm a five o'clock shadow kinda girl :)

  5. I have to say I agree with you, you want there to be some manliness but not have it look as if he's completely forgot the idea of personal hygiene (:

  6. BEARD! My man has a beard but I would never let him let it get out of control, even if it meant I ended up giving it a trim whilst he slept.. But I agree a bit of beard gives a nice bit of manliness, it freaks me out when he shaves it all off every now and then! Hx

  7. I absolutely love beards! I also think it's important to let him do crazy things like this within reason. I had a boyfriend when I was 16 who died his hair blue... Count yourself lucky! x

  8. if andrew could grow a full beard, he would. for both our sakes. :)

    but i might miss kissing his face.

  9. i actually like a beard...but i do agree with it being at least well maintained. i am not for a mountain-man-crazy-food in the beard kind of look.

  10. Hi there.
    Just found your lovely blog.
    I know exactly what you are talking about regarding the beard!
    My boyfriend also likes to grow his beard big and wild, but I prefer it more neat and trimmed like you do...
    My theory is that men like big beards because they think it is the greatest proof of how manly they are. :-D

    Greetings from FarfallaDK

  11. i love facial stubble, eg shayne ward, you know, thats utterly sexy for me :P XD


  12. NOt a fan of facial hair. But some guys just look like little boys without it so a bit of sexy stubble is needed, nothing out of control, argh!

  13. lately Ive been loving the beard look. but I like it a shorter length. not really into the longer wild beards.


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