Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Okay, so been stuck at home all day with the sickness, so haven't had the most pleasant of days. But thank goodness for home made pumpkin soup that always seems to make me feel better.

That, plus these beautiful prints by Froschkind! It definitely brightened my day I must say. I think I particularly love these prints, as it is so similar to the style of design I would say I do. Absolutely love seeing mixed media and the scrapbook look!

In other news, Neil had his first couple of days in the jewellery store, and went really well! I wasn't too sure how people would respond to a guy serving them in our store, but luckily he's so loveable he did so well :) But a bit of encouragement always helps for that too! (He's got twitter, so make sure you share the love!) Okay, off to wrap up myself in a blanket and warm up with tea!


  1. Pumpkin soup is the best when your unwell. Hope you get better!

    Those prints are adorable

  2. These prints are just wow. Also my favourite style of design. Hope you feel better soon! (:

  3. pumpkin soup sounds yummy. never had it before. hope you are feeling better soon.

  4. These prints are beautiful and very unique ^_^
    I hope you feel better soon <3


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