Friday, July 1, 2011

Wearing White.

Falling in love the collection over at 11th Moon! I am such a sucker for the plain, neutral colours in my wardrobe, and yes, I always try to venture out into other colours. But to tell you the truth, I will always come back to my favourites: white, beige, creme. And these gorgeous feminine, lacy pieces are just a dream fit. Hmmm, sometimes I wish I could judge thedifference a bit better between "wants" and "needs" all I seem to be thinking about at the moment is adding lovely pieces to my wardrobe :)


  1. they are gorgeous! I love the white lacy shorts. :D

  2. White is nice but I get foundation all over the collars haha argh if only I didn't have to wear makeup then I'd be safer with more white in my wardrobe haha.

  3. white has pretty much always been my favorite color to wear... which is a bummer because i am an artist and i always ruin my clothes.


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