Monday, April 22, 2013

Auction Rooms.

Yesterday Neil and I decided to stop at the Auction Rooms for a breakfast date before heading out on our Saturday ritual of going to the markets. I've had many friends recommend this fantastic spot to us and we finally picked up our game and actually went. Set in the old WB Ellis auction house, this is a beautiful, quaint and very welcoming cafe. I must admit, I am extremely jealous of their incredible building and location, as the exposed brick, high ceilings and unique industrial PVC pipe lights are all things that's right up my alley of things to love in my future home.

The cafe is actually much bigger than what I expected as well. Most of our favourite cafes around town are very cute and fantastic in their own ways, but a lot of the time, they can be quite small and you aren't always guaranteed a spot. Which is why I think that Auction Rooms is such a winner! With great coffee, incredible food (we both had poached eggs, chorizo and sourdough bread - a.mazing!) and fantastic atmosphere, these are all ingredients for a top spot that we will definitely be returning to!

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