Friday, May 3, 2013

Life on Instagram.

Yeow! Okay, admittedly I have been rather quiet lately haven't I? But that's most certainly not what this post will be about, how quiet life has been lately, because it feels like it's been the exact opposite! Life is going at a hundred miles an hour and I'm freaking out because it's already MAY?! Say what! Who would've thought ;)

Things are starting to cool down quite quickly now that we are moving into May and I've started piling up more layers and investing in some nice woolies to keep the cold out. I actually love this time of the year, as there's nothing more satisfying than heading out for a nice breakfast on a Saturday morning and warming up with some of the finest coffee here in Melbourne. As you can see, majority of my photos on Instagram lately have all been of hot drinks and cafes! I just can't resist a good hot drink! Some favourites include:
♥ Coffee stop at Kinfolk on Bourke Street (an incredible not-for-profit cafe! Seriously, you need to go!)
Tea Two's Very Berry Fruit Tea
Market Lane Coffee (very handy having this cafe just across from the markets!)
♥ And of course cannot resist a cupcake and coffee from Little Cupcakes

And I just had to throw in a cute little photo of my favourite little succulent plant that now lives on my desk at work. It's amazing how something so small and cute can just bring so much joy! If you can't tell, I'm a bit of a sucker for plants and flowers ;)


  1. Is Kinsolf the bottom right photo? It looks so cute! :)


    1. It sure is! The loveliest little hangout in town ;)
      Hit them up if you're in Melbourne! Bourke Street! x

  2. Omg why am I not following you on Instagram yet? You are looking so fab, lady! Miss you x Jess

    1. Miss! How are youuu? Good ol' interwebs makes this world too small ;) x

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