Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mount Buffalo.

There's one thing I realise more and more...and that is I love camping!

We went on our first camping trip in Australia last weekend and I have to say it was everything we hoped for. The incredible nature, the serenity and the epic views that just take your breath away. We drove 350km after work on Friday night to get to our destination: Mount Buffalo. We definitely weren't used to the distances between places, as in New Zealand, you probably only need to drive 2-3 hours to get to your destination ;)

High in the peaks of Mount Buffalo, we set up site in the bush right next to Lake Catalina. With hundreds of hiking tracks within a 5km radius, there was plenty to keep us busy with. And not to mention, there's nothing quite like getting back to camp, starting a fire, opening up a bottle of wine and preparing for a night of feasting and cards.

This is the joys of still being quite the newbie in Victoria, there is so much exploring to be done! I hope to share many more wonderful road trips like this one with you.


  1. Oh man, this makes me want to go camping so bad! Lovely photos xo

  2. woa. beautiful landscape for a nice moment !

  3. wow these photos are amazing! I can't believe that's a real place, it looks like something out of a painting! so pretty :D :D

  4. you went all the way to Mt Buffallo? I think thats right near were Bec lives. I love that part of victoria. You should also go for a trip to daylesford if you havent already.


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