Sunday, January 13, 2013

Casabella Lane.

Polka Dot Shirt l ASOS, Denim Shorts l Glassons, Necklace l Half Half, Watch l Nixon, Sunglasses l c/o Vision Direct

One of my favourite little spots in our hometown would have to be the lovely Casabella Lane. Lined with beautiful boutiques, the local art supplies store and the best sushi in Hamilton, it's a place we love to visit and had to stop by on our recent holiday. Turns out, it was a public holiday so a lot of the shops were closed (which in my opinion is wonderful! After working years in retail, I am all for having stores closed on public holidays, we all know retailers need a break too!) but it was still just as lovely wandering down the little lane and capture some snaps from our favourite spot in town.


  1. it looks great on you! glad you're wearing it :)

  2. This all looks so lovely, I'm also loving your outfit!

  3. hi ilana, we reposted your photo on Half/Half facebook page linking back to this post; hope that's ok with you :)

  4. I didnt realise you were a local blogger until I saw these shots of Casabella, ( I was down there today)


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