Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Holiday Review.

I have spent the whole of yesterday and today getting our home organized after returning from our holiday in New Zealand. Going through the hundreds of photos on our camera has left me a bit of nostalgic and homesick already (it's only been two days!!). Maybe it's a good thing that I will be returning to work tomorrow so that I can be occupied and keep my mind busy with other things. I have also been doing some brainstorming of my own for some fun projects and collaborations coming up this year (including seeing the husband transform our home with his handmade furniture, which has become a bit of a project for himself).

So I thought I would do a summary of the moments shared and memories made on our trip:
♥ Christmas with our family
♥ Spending a couple of days out on the beaches of Ohope
♥ True Kiwi breakfasts - including Watties tomato sauce! Yum!
♥ Returning to our favourite beach, Raglan
♥ Spending New Years out on the most beautiful farm with a load of our mates
♥ Indulging in The Icebar Co.'s incredible iceblocks - Gingerbeer flavour's got to be the best!

The next holiday we are planning is going to cost us a bit more than this one, and is quite a bit further away from home, so we've officially started the saving! Bring it on!


  1. Looks like you had a really great summer vacation!

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