Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Jersey l ASOS
Leopard shirt l Lower
Skirt l Revival 
Ray Ban Sunglasses c/o Vision Direct
Tote Bag l My Shop
Shoes l Jo Mercer

What a jam packed weekend it's been! We've been wandering the streets of Melbourne and stopped at way too many some incredible places that have THE most incredible food! More on that later on in the week though :)

I've been trying to slowly start getting a Christmas shopping list together to get organised. With the excitement of heading home for Christmas (only five more weeks till we are back in NZ!), I want to come home with some epic gifts, however with only being able to take 7kg carry-on each, we are going to be slightly limited on what we can actually get. So any ideas you might have that is going to be light-weight and small(er), please throw them my way! Has anyone already started their shopping??

Anyway, so I haven't done an outfit post in a while and thought it about time! I had to share this darling and simple black skirt I managed to pick up a couple weeks ago. Now you might think, wow that's a pretty standard skirt...but that's where your wrong! I've been looking HIGH and LOW for a skirt that actually reaches my knees. Is it just me, or are modest length skirts going extinct?? Every skirt I managed to find previously was way too short to feel comfortable wearing to work, so I was more than happy when I finally managed to find one! Sometimes I think I am the only one that struggles with this?


  1. such a cute look! and the setting!


  2. Oh I definitely understand your skirt debaucle. I'm 5'10 so finding skirts and dresses that actually fit me and still let me hold on to my dignity is quite a challenge!

  3. You are so cute! Great outfit. I have a tough time finding skirts that are the right length. I've had the most success at second-hand stores.


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