Sunday, September 23, 2012


Polka Dot Shirt via ASOS l Ray Ban Sunglasses Cats 1000 c/o Vision Direct
Best chill weekend. Our shipment from New Zealand arrived on Friday, so of course I had a blast going through all the boxes late into the night, personalizing our house a little bit more and making it feel like home. It was just such an incredible feeling going through our 'life' that has been in storage for nearly ten months and finding so many memories in there. Such a happy/sad moment as it made me rather homesick. Boo!

Today we managed to spend a lot of time outside, as the sun has decided to show it's lovely face again. Gave me a great opportunity to try out my new Ray Ban Sunglasses Cats 1000. I'm not used to bigger sunglasses, but when I saw these sunglasses with the awesome cats eye corners, I fell in love! Yup, this will be a regular pick for my summer days :)

Bring on summer with it's awesome bright sunny days!
P.S. Pretty darn happy to be wearing my jandals again too!


  1. You're a babe :) Look how cute you are in the top photo! I wish I could see you and squish your cute lil cheeks. I miss you :(

  2. You look like Zoe Deschanel it's crazy!


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