Monday, September 17, 2012

Closet Troubles.

Asos White Lace Dress l Asos
Ray Ban Clubmasters l c/o Vision Direct
Carnelian Ring l Najo
Carnelian & Lapis Lazuli Bracelet l Najo

Uhh, I've just had one of those weekends where I looked at my closet and just wanted to cry! I've tried on a thousand different pieces but unhappy with every single one. And it doesn't help when you are pressed for time to catch the next tram and you have nothing to wear! Lucky, I have a few trusting pieces that always seems to do the trick (this little number being once of them).

This just really made me get more excited for our shipment to finally arrive from NZ, as I know there are a few other clothing items stashed in there somewhere. But this weekend has also given me a great reason to get into sewing! This is how I see it, once I get started, I can make whatever I want (given that it needs to be very simple to start with) and always have something new to wear. I may be speaking too soon, but it's a great goal to have...right?

I suppose we will have to wait and see on that one ;)


  1. Haha, definitely a great goal! I wish I could sew but alas!

  2. Love this outfit! That dress is so cute! Absolutely lovely!

  3. I can totally see why this would be a go to outfit, it's perfect for any time of year! I can relate to hating everything in your closet because I've felt that way a lot lately, but I'm looking at it as a chance to get creative and restyle pieces I've worn the same way over and over again.

  4. such a cute outfit! I just found your blog & its lovely.

  5. Oh pretty you look so gorgeous <3

  6. I hate those kinds of days, I've been feeling that way a lot lately! But I love your style - this outfit is so pretty and that dress is perfect on you.


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