Friday, June 29, 2012

Button Up.

 Coat - Myer. Shoes - Jo Mercer.

The last few weeks have been cooling down incredibly! If I don't venture outside the doors of our house with at least three layers of clothes and a scarf, I most likely will freeze to death. It did make me feel slightly better when I heard that this is one of the coldest winters Melbourne has seen in a while, so at least then surely I am not over reacting (...or maybe I am? I don't know, I wasn't made for cold weather!). All I can say is I am keeping buttoned up this winter!


  1. Wow! I moved to Melbourne from Europe and this is definitely the mildest winter I have experience in a while (even compared to Italy!). Now if only there was snow (and central heating maybe?... I think it's actually colder INSIDE the house).

    Remember, scarves are the answer! And layers layers layers!


  2. Send some of that Weather this way, please? Connecticut has been in the Nineties. YUCK.

    You look just lovely. :)
    Eat Cake

  3. Love your coat! And layers are the best option for cold winters ;)

  4. It's always so strange to realize that it's a diffrent season on the other side of the world. I live in Sweden and we are in the middle of summer.

  5. I love this outfit - you look really cute! I have to admit, I too am struggling with Sydney's frigid weather. It's so sad and Spring can't come soon enough for me! x

  6. Completely off topic...
    I've recently grown out my fringe, and now I've just come across your blog, I now want it back!! Hmmmmn.


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