Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Wayfarer.

Oh trusty Wayfarer, how I can always count on you! In the past, I used to move through sunglasses fairly quickly; whether that be from losing them, breaking them, or just buying a style that dates quick or never suited me. That was up until I invested in a good pair of the Ray Ban's Wayfarer sunglasses and they have been my buddy ever since.

I love that they are so sturdy (it has survived many a days in a handbag filled with a variety of hard objects, whether that be my Kindle, diary or perfume!) and have managed to survive the times of change. I know trends and fads come and go, but I feel that the style of the Wayfarer is timeless.

I originally purchased these back in New Zealand a while ago, but this awesome Australian online shop, Vision Direct, sell a load of awesome Ray Ban (and other) sunglasses at some pretty decent prices!! Take my word for it, now is a good time as any to invest in a good pair of sunnies, so head on over to my friends at Vision Direct and they will sort you out with an awesome pair :)

Three cheers for the Wayfarer!
Anyone else have a special pair of sunnies? :)


  1. I was the same with sunnies- I used to only buy cheap ones and went through them fairly often. But then I got a REAL pair of raybans and I love them :) definitely worth the investment! x

  2. I am the same about my Ray Bans. Mine are the vintage cut black and they're perfect! Before that there was a beautiful pair of Gucci Havanas that I wore every day for four years until they bit the dust. I would still like to find a replacement as I miss them daily. They were Audrey-esque Perfection, I tell you!

  3. I LOVE my wayfarers! I wish I could use lots of different colors, but mine are prescription so they're not super cheap. I have the black ones and I get lots of compliments but I love yours too!


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