Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Be Who You Want To Be.

Sometimes people just need to be reminded of the this simple truth. Since Neil and I got married four years ago, we have always said that we aren't going to let circumstances and situations prevent us from doing what we want to do. And I am so glad that despite things that happen in our lives, that I have such an incredible husband to remind of this.

Do what you want to do. Be who you want to be.

There's just not enough time in our lives to spend forty hours a week, for fifty years or more doing something that may pay well, but makes you miserable. Now in saying that, if your dream is to become an singer, or a doctor, it doesn't mean you need to go quit your dead end job today and start practicing tomorrow. There are obviously practical steps in achieving these dreams (e.g. it's probably good to get into a few open mic nights or sing at some local gigs to get your name out there, you will need a few qualification behind your name to be a doctor etc.). I know finances always play a HUGE factor in things, we all know bills need to get paid somehow. But in the bigger scheme of things, I believe everything we do should be towards this goal, otherwise what's the point? It's the small steps. Doing something every day to get to the destination. Making the most of the journey. Even if you are working at Starbucks now but dream of becoming an artist, why not start putting money away weekly to get new supplies, put towards the day you can become self-employed, use your weekends to create exhibitions instead of thinking oh well, one day I will be able to do it.

I am seriously talking to myself right now, by the way. Obviously my future involves being creative, even though I am not sure at the moment what that specifically looks like (design, art, fashion, photography...I love it all!), I know I want to use my time now. I think sometimes we can get discouraged when we are not where we think we should be at the moment. But it's okay, every step counts. And every decision you make can be towards that dream.


  1. This is so true, and I'm honestly thinking about this every day.
    I know it can be hard, but I think the most important thing is just to START.
    Like you said, it might just be doing little things, like going to an event which relates to what you want to do, put some money aside etc...
    If you never start you will feel like you're only dreaming. And then dreaming feels like it's becoming reality.
    That's what it's like for me at least.

    Anyway, it's great to read your thoughts on this, and it's encouraging at the same time - seeing another couple thinking about the same thing as me and my partner ;)

    I think society is changing, more and more people start to feel like this.
    When might now feel like 'in our society you just have to do what you have to do; work 9am - 5pm 5 days a week, just do what people expect you to do...', but I think it's changing, and society (whatever society exactly is) starts to think in the same way as you and me.

    All the best with figuring out in which way to be creative, and being able to actually do what you want to do. :)

  2. So true, and if you really work at it, it will happen. I spent 5 years at uni doing something I didn't quite enjoy. Now I'm back at uni, working part time and studying full time, and it's hard. But I have my eyes on the prize, and nothing can beat doing what you really really love.

    Life's too precious. Best of luck, cherub!

  3. I've been thinking about this very topic so much lately. I've worked jobs that I've absolutely hated, and it's made me realize that I don't want to spend my life working a job that I can't stand just for money. I have to do what makes me happy, so someday I can look back on my life and be proud.

    I couldn't have said it better myself! Lovely post, dear!
    xo, Allie

  4. I love this post! It's exactly what I've been trying to live by lately! I think the only way to live this life is to live it doing what you LOVE and giving yourself the freedom of seeing everything and experiencing everything. I'm giving myself 12 months to save up and build up my name and get my work out there and then hopefully just live off of photography and other projects. Life is too beautiful and amazing to waste it away at a 9-5!

    You have a great blog btw, I'm glad I came across it today :)

    Gypsy Rose Lee


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