Friday, March 16, 2012

Update on the March Challenge.

How is everyone doing with the March Challenge? There are still 15 days left to participate in the challenge of do something different everyday so it's not too late to join in. You can add instagram/twitter entries by adding #differentmarch (if you want to follow mine, it is @ilana_mcmorran). Although I must confess, I probably have not been doing this every day (I know right, slap on the hand!) but the days that I have consciously decided to do something different, I've tried to make it count. And I have been pleasantly surprised with myself by the amount of things I only do out of routine, instead of doing it because I actually like it or because it's good for me. Let me explain, normally I do my exercise in the afternoon, not because I have to but only because it was routine. One day I decided to swap it around a bit and go for a run in the morning - which I actually enjoyed more than the usual run in the afternoons in the humid, hot weather after a day's work.

This month I also decided to challenge myself creatively and make personal designs just for the fun of it, instead of doing it for a client or work. As a creative, I have realized how important it is to do designs/paintings/photography for your own pleasure and your own ideas rather than always do it for someone else. This is what keeps you inspired and passionate about the creative industry.

Before the end of the month, as a challenge to myself (and now that I have said it, you are all my witnesses and must keep me accountable hah!), I will be releasing 3 more tote bags to my collection! So my thinking cap is on and working at doing something rad with these bags!

What have you challenged yourself with doing differently? I need some more ideas, as I noticed a lot of days I have opted for doing something different food-wise (choosing a different meal to the usual at a restaurant, deciding on a different local pub, getting a different sweet treat than always etc.) and I want to do something other than just changing and trying different foods. So any ideas?


  1. i love your take on this challenge so far illana to get creative for yourself personally rather than for client! what about trying to write instead of doing something visuals? you can also do sparkapolooza, sorry for the shameless promotion hahahaah

    i'm going to post an update on this challenge this weekend and link to your posts :)

    i've booked myself a yoga with DJ next week and a print workshop the following week as a part of this challenge, looking forward to it!

    what about something like styling your hair differently, or do an outfit challenge (e.g. go sporty if you normally wear dresses, or the other way around)?

    happy friday x

  2. ahhhh. i wish i had more time to do something i like other than college work!


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