Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines.

How crazy that we are at yet another Valentine's Day...not sure what Neil and I are doing tonight, but he assures me it will be amazing :) Oh how I love surprises! Last night Amanda and I got busy baking some sweet treats to enjoy the lovey dovey day and tried to make some heart shape whoopie pies...as you can see they are not quite heart shaped, but it will do :)

Hope you all enjoy an awesome day with your loved ones!


  1. whoopie pies look yummy, especially the red velvet! :)
    have fun with your man tonight :)

  2. i so looooovve the shape and color! looks very tasty!

  3. Yums! Those look amazing!
    Have fun on your surprise Valentine's Day date!

  4. Oh look at these lovely little morsels!! So cute!!

  5. Happy valentine's day :)
    the heart shaped pie looks soo yummy


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