Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Boys.

I absolutely love celebrating birthdays! It's such an exciting time of the year that is all about YOU! And today, I get to share in
on the two boys', that are so dear to me, birthday celebrations...that is my husband and his twin brother!

So Happy Birthday Neil & Trevor, you guys make life a happy place :) Love you guys so much and life seriously wouldn't be the same without you!
(For most of you who don't know them, Neil is left above and Trevor is right)

Oh and can I just say, don't you just love it when you spend hours trying to bake the most perfect cake and it actually WORKS?? I wanted to cry after I finished icing their cake, as my cakes never turn out this way! Hah, now I especially cannot wait for the next birthday so I can try another cake! :)


  1. Happy birthday to these special men in your life! Birthdays are the best!

  2. super cute photo! and happy birthday boys!

  3. that looks like an amazing cake, nice work!

  4. J'adore cette photo! c:
    Bonne continuation

  5. This is such a cute photo! And the cake looks amazing, well done!!


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