Thursday, February 23, 2012


Well my lovely friends, I apologise from my unexplained absense this last week! When life throws it's curveballs, it decides to do it all at one time ;) That, and the fact that I have decided when I post, I want it to be about things I actually enjoy, promote, love instead of just finding some generic information to post for posting's sake. I hope you can all bear with me on that one, but I promise, at least this way you will enjoy what you see/read. Anyone else got stuck in the routine of just posting for posting's sake?

Anywho, I have a confession to make...I am possibly becoming an Instagram addict. I have only joined up on Monday night and I'm loving it so far! If I ever dissapear again, you can always find me on instagram (search ilana_mcmorran to find me) ;) I am always sure to be on there! A warning though, I take a lot of photos of the bunny, so prepare yourself for some fluffy, cuddling, cheeseball action!


  1. awww that bunny is just the cutest! :) bunny rabbits rock :) x

  2. instagram looks so much fun, too bad i have a blackberry.

  3. I love those orange pumps! Need to get a pair! -Jessica


  4. i cant wait for instagram for android! its gonna be so awesome! ;')


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