Monday, October 24, 2011

New Additions.

The best part of working in our little shop is trying on the newest additions as they land in store. One of my favourite designer brands, A&C, had their latest collections come in these last two weeks and I have been drooling over the Brown Feather collection! So hard to resist taking these pieces home with me!


  1. Love these! Love that other ring you've got on too! I couldn't work somewhere like that without buying out the whole shop! At least you get to try em on and take photos... ;)

  2. Such pretty jewellery! You look gorgeous :)
    Have an amazing day!
    Ellie xx

  3. I adore that feather necklace! xx

  4. Those are beautiful pieces, esp. all combined! :) -Lo

  5. What a gorgeous collection. I've always adored feather jewellery. Looks fab on you! x


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