Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Maria Kazvan.

Photography by Maria Kazvan.

Loving this photography by Maria Kazvan! It's funny, these pictures remind of the beautiful saturated wintery hues which is just beautiful, however we are moving into the summer months so really it is the complete opposite to what we are experiencing right now.

Had our first weekend away at the beach last weekend and it was a welcome relief to see the seaside with it's beautiful shores again. Pity it was still a bit too cold for a swim, but I've got my hopes high for some swimming action in the near future!


  1. These photos are really lovely and perfect for the time of year over her in the UK :) xx


  2. love the first picture :) really beautiful! x

  3. I love the first picture :) xx

  4. These photos are so beautiful & inspiring as is your blog! x


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