Monday, September 5, 2011

Stray Editorial: Tina Sun.

Photography & Styling - Tina Sun
Hair & Makeup - Gabrielle Houghton
Models: Georgina Foot & Ellyse Gore [N Model management]
Styling Assistant - Alicia Platje
Filming Assistant - Tiffany Chen
Music - Gregory & the Hawk

I would like to introduce you all to Tina Sun, a very talented up and coming New Zealand photographer, currently based in Sydney. For a 19 year old photographer, she has a portfolio already consisting of a wide range of clients, and it's still growing! I've had the privilege of meeting Tina a couple of months ago, when perchance she walked past our store and spotted the red birdcages (seen in the second photo) and inquired about using them for this editorial shoot for Stray Magazine. I have always been very curious of the set up and behind the scenes events that takes place for a shoot such as this, so when asked, Tina was more than happy to send me along some behind the scenes photos too! How exciting! Don't usually don't get to see this friends, so hope you enjoy this little treat of the behind the scenes photos and video below.

This shoot features stunning items from the very loved Ruby's (which you would have seen posted multiple times last week) Winter '11 collection. Stray Magazine will be released sometime this month, so keep your eyes out!


  1. Ooh, how cool is it to have things from your store in magazine shoots! Such pretty photo's.

  2. argh!!! I had no idea this happened?!?!? how did I not know?? that is very cool indeed...when I saw the photos before I read the content, I was like "ah neat, we have those cages!" ;) hehe

  3. The picture with the bird cages are so pretty! I'm obsessed with anything bird like :)

  4. OMG funny that you know about this photographer. I just found out about her last week through my boss! His gorgeous daughter the one on left 1st picture! And you would be excited to know Tina is an old Dio girl and the girls she photographs are her old school friends! :O HAMILTON REPRESENT AYE!

  5. Yes! Tina was the year above me at Dio, actually, she came into school the other week to sit in on our Design class. Infact, all the girls involved in this shoot were/are Dio girls! Very cool to see this post. Tina is extremely talented!

  6. Awww spesh look at the bird cages!! They look so good!

  7. mannnnn you guys are so talented... wish i were too! :l xx


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