Saturday, September 3, 2011

RUBY: Capital City & NZFW Wanderings.

Ruby for me, had a very professional and chic runway show. Very much like Liam, the collection Capital City, had an incredible range of items that is wearable by the every day woman. I can honestly say, that majority of the pieces I would wear myself and can see the New Zealand streets being filled with this collection. Designer Deanna Didovich created a beautiful range of items for AW '12 that had the base muted tones, like the charcoal and whites, combined with such striking and bold colours - beautiful mustard yellows, cobalt blues and soft purples. There are also a few interesting patterned fabrics coming through as well, but I must say my most loved pieces in the Ruby collection would definitely have to be the knitwear. Looking forward to snuggling up in one of those knits next winter!

The day we spent in Auckland, Amanda and I had quite a busy day of our own, filling the time with driving down streets with the most beautiful character homes, having lunch at the cutest Sushi shop in Parnell, and stopping in at The Yellow Brick Road for a quick hello!


  1. Gorgeous collection, I love your outfit too! xo

  2. Had fun with you! Looking forward to our next adventure, whatever it will be x

  3. That collection is gorgeous! xx


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