Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Summer Dreaming.

(one. two. three.)

Such beautiful weather we have been having this past week! I am determined to make the most of the Summer days this year! It is approaching super fast, so I am dreaming of Summer days and...

♥ Making iced tea to have on the deck
♥ Picking flowers for our house
♥ Playing more music
♥ Making a flower crown (or if that fails, buying one!)
♥ Finding secret creeks and spending a whole day in serenity
♥ Jump off something high (I am scared of heights!)
♥ Pack up and go camping spontaneously
♥ Get up early to watch the sun rise


  1. Love this list! I think I'm off to make a final pitcher of iced tea right now! xo

  2. lovely! :) spontaneous camping sounds wonderful.

  3. eek! Your list has me pining for summer all over again! We're slowly transitioning into fall weather and it's been lovely! I hope you accomplish all on your list and more! <3

  4. I'm so happy it's finally warm weather again! <3 I hope you're able to complete your wishlist!

    Lost in the Haze

  5. Summer is just now leaving us, but I hope you enjoy your summer! I'm scared of heights too so good luck with conquering that. I haven't been able to yet!

  6. Those top drinks look delicious - what are they? :)

  7. This post makes me feel really rather envious. Summer is ending here (UK), it's raining and I am totally not ready to embrace Autumn! Hx

  8. I'm getting giddy just thinking of all the Summer goodness that's coming up. Can't wait!


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