Friday, August 26, 2011

Better late than never.

Taken with Diana Mini. Features the horse, husband and I, Dane, Liss and Sone
Confession: I misplace things all the time, and then hours/days or even months later I manage to track down the misplaced item and think to myself, how did this get here? Okay so yesterday I found a stack of packs of photos which was taken this last year which I've never posted on and have been lying in my drawer waiting for something to be done with them. So as a treat (...and for lack of finding time to search the world wide web for an inspiring post), here it is! See if you can spot the familiars :)
This was taken at the Diana World Tour in Auckland earlier this year.

And of coarse cannot resist reminiscing about our holiday in Fiji as well - warm weather, swimming all day long, sleeping in, good food...what more could you want?


  1. These are lovely! Finding old photos is the best! I just found an old disposable camera I can't wait to have developed :)

  2. Very nice, I especially like the last ones :)

    xx Viola

  3. oh how I remembered that night ! Gosh that was so much fun dollface! I loved seeing this post.

    makes me homesick for you!



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