Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We ♥ Wool

This last week our everything has cooled down by quite a few degrees, which does make me excited, as we can officially say that winter is here! I think one of the best things during this time of the year is that we get to wrap up in layers of clothing and have a tea in hand, permanently. I have come to love my woolies this winter, especially the handy merino wool tops that I wear under my dresses, and now also my favourite jumper..

..which is why I have fallen in love with this initiative Fashion by Feelings, sponsored by Woolmark (they also run We Love Wool). They have created this incredibly awesome interactive lookbook site which showcases fashionable looks featuring wool. The different looks are divided up by feelings (from active to happy, beautiful to nostalgic) which I think is such a clever way of creating a point of difference.

Fashion by Feelings encourages users to vote for their favourite looks, and by doing so be in the chance to win AU$400 wool prize pack weekly. The top ranked look will also win a $12,000 holiday to Sydney! I have been lucky enough to have my look Take Me Away rank #12, and the husband's, Into The Wild, rank #46! Woohoo, off to a good start! But this is where I need your help desperately...as I would so badly like to win this little trip for the two of us...

I need you to "love" our entries and help send us on holiday!!!! It is easy as anything, just click on this link, Take Me Away to go to my look, or Into The Wild to go to Neil's look, and click on "LOVE". By entering in your details you will be in the running to win the $400 prize pack as well and another vote would be added to us! I will love you all forever (which I do anyway hah!) and will send you all virtual hugs and kisses :) If you feel the need to share our looks, that would be incredible as well and I may just need to make little yummy cards to say thank you! :)


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