Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Little treasures and sweet treats.

Najo Rope Ring. 
Palas Script "Peace" Ring.
DKNY watch. 
Me Collection Cross Earrings.

Boh Runga Feather Earrings (left).
Me Collection Bow Bracelet(left).
Me Collection Onyx Earrings(left).
Najo Think Pattern Ring (right).
Me Collection Bow Bracelet (right).

A collection of the Neverland Collective necklaces.

If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know that I am involved with running this beautiful little jewellery and giftware store. Since we don't have an online store yet, I thought it fun to showcase some of my favourite pieces every now and again. And lucky I have gorgeous Amanda working with me, as we always have a bit of fun scanning through the shop finding little treasures to wear.

Also, got a little surprise from Amanda today, which I just had to share as well...a yummy sweet treat from Amanda's baking adventures yesterday, a French Macaron! And boy, can I say that was devine! My first taste of a Macaron, so I am looking forward to making these babies soon too :)


  1. Wow! What a welcoming place! Don't you love to go to work! LOL

  2. I love love love the necklaces! And the macaroon looks delicious!


  3. oh wow, that shop looks like a dream world! and those macaroons look divine.

    i'd love to come visit the shop next time i'm in NZ! i think i've gotta make it happen ;)

  4. haha so you're the one that had the chance to taste them. i saw her recipe on her blog. lucky you!

  5. That shop is oh so lovely! I wish I worked there alongside you. And I have yet to try macaroons - I feel like I'm really missing out on something.


    turn that frown upside down

  6. Um, this store looks amazing. I will wait with baited breath until you open your online store because I can imagine I would probably want to buy just about everything!

  7. Nice jewelries and trinkets. My sister likes to buy earrings online and I think your products will interest her.

  8. Your accessories collection is jaw dropping! Every piece is unique and has its own flair. Makes it difficult for me to pick a favorite. Though I'm currently looking for bridal jewelry NYC pieces, I wouldn't mind adding a casual jewelry to my look.

  9. Your accessories specially the long necklaces are so cute and it fits your personality well. I have a friend who's one of the Long Island gold buyers, she used to collect gold vintage necklaces too. I'm sure my friend would love to see your blog.

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