Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Heart The Arctic.

Such sweetness, Jacqueline Bos is such a talented craft-maker (like in this post where I featured some of her little crafts) and illustrator and I am completely in love with this little zine she created which I found via Home Collection. I have finally started doodling more in my notebook and incorporated some of that in a recent newsletter design which I might share next week :) When I see artists like these, it just inspires me to draw more!


  1. such a lovely doodles, love the last pic! I do love doodling too! I've made some doodles in every papers I faced and posted it on, hope you stop by :) have a nice doodle! xo

  2. Just to say I've featured your blog a little in my latest post :) hope you like it Xx

    p.s. I'd like the notebook idea

  3. Well. Thanking You for the Spirit of inspiration and Help. To Search, find out, bring forth and share the talent. Thanking You again and with Best Wishes.

  4. love these drawings! so sweet!


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