Saturday, November 6, 2010

Guest Post: Kelli Murray

Hello new world. This is Kelli Murray, in for Ilana as she is off on adventure! Thanks Ilana for having me!

So...I like to draw. If you have ever visited my blog, you probably know that. consumes me. One of the greatest things about blogging I've found is discovering new and amazing talents that I otherwise would have never known about. Everyday I am inspired by someone or something new. One thing I just can't get over is the artwork of the incredibly talented Lizzy Stewart. This girl is genius. She might (quite possibly) be my favorite right now. Can you tell she is a fan of pencils, cardigans, and Russian history?

Hop on over to her website. You will be sure to fall in love.

Winter Bird Print
How lovely would this print be for a christmas gift!? My sister doesn't know it's coming yet ;)



  1. The tattoos on the girl in the first drawing are just exquisite.

  2. these are so amazing! i wish my exams would get over already so i can start drawing again!


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