Monday, November 1, 2010

Store Love: Seletti

Earlier this year I made a lovely trip down to Christchurch with the hubby and his twin. This is where I first discovered my store love this week: Seletti.

Seletti is an Italian based store that's made it's way across the world. I would describe it as a single destination where I would find all my favourite things: furniture (a great mix of modern and traditional), ordinary household objects revamped - Memorobilia Porcelain Origami Cranes are my favourite, designer itmes like the wonderful Pantone range (do you know they make Pantone chairs now too?) and also, the Queenstown Seletti featured the wonderful world of Lomography (where I bought my Supersampler from)! These are just a few of the innovative designs they have featured in their stores, but the impressive store design and interiors is definitely worth a look yourself.

These are just a few personal snapshots we managed to take on our visit (so please excuse that they aren't the greatest quality). Here is Neil, the wonderful husband, displaying the Memorabilia Crown. I see that Sydney has now recently opened up their flagship store on Stanley Street, so if you are in the area, make sure to check them out!

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  1. ooh! I love Seletti too. VERY rad.
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