Sunday, October 31, 2010



Been in a very contemplative mood today and I thought I would pose the question to you all, what is the one thing you are so determined to do, but at the same time so scared to do as the thought of failure is so overwhelming?

Very interested in hearing what your answers are!


  1. Become a photographer specialising in children's and maternity photography.

    But... i have two small babies and i am the breadwinner. Giving up a job to follow that whole path seems something that will never happen.

  2. leave my day job, go back to study, learn art, design or photography and pursue a creative career!

    but no.. sadly i don't think it'll ever happen as i'm just not brave enough and can't afford losing my current job...

  3. Starting my own cafe and being a mother.

  4. Packing my bags when I finish High School to spend a year in Spain.

    It doesn't sound that frightening but there are so many different things that scare me about doing that although it's all I ever think about doing.

  5. I definitely want to try to make it as an artist. I want to do a work study or a residency...but I also want to get out of school and go into visual display for stores. I want both so much!! But I am really scared to try to be an artist!!

  6. with my art i always do what seems the scariest and the hardest because that's the only way i'll ever learn... but i can never seem to tell the boy i like the way i feel. and thus i am alone most of the time. i am terrified of rejection and have never had a real relationship.

  7. @lililly I am kind of in the same situation, minus the two chiddies :) Next year the husband is going back to studies so I need to make the money!

    @see hear say It's hard when you are established in a good job, earning good money. I want to quit everything I am busy with at the moment, focus on designing a brand for myself and creating art prints, designing accessories, maybe even a label? To tell you the truth, I am not sure yet, I just know I want my own studio space to let loose and CREATE.

    @vintage veggie Thank you for your honesty! I admire that! Maybe you need to take the approach you use with art and do it to find love :) But I am the same...rejection frigthens me!


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