Thursday, October 28, 2010

Honey in the sun.

The countdown is on! In just over a week's time our little party of friends are making our way down to Wellington for a couple of days of relaxing, drinking tea (and some evening wines of coarse!), sight seeing and shopping!! I have made sure that I don't spend a penny on clothes these last few months so that I will be able to just go out and get what I want!

So this lookbook by Rockie Nolan that I stumbled upon gave me so much inspiration for some summer outfits! Don't you just love the combinations? This summer I want to try pull of things I've never done before, so hopefully there will be some good finds in Wellington :)

Here are some pieces that I will hunt down:

First off, I don't do shorts. It would be quite rare to see me wearing them. But there is always a time of first, so if I could find a sweet pair like these I would be stoked :)

A mustard cardi or blazer! This colour is just so attractive at the moment! And if I cannot find any...then orange or peach is my next option.

I know I am normally caught wearing black, but I just had to point out the beautiful lacey jacket that she is wearing, oh love!

Shoes! I need new shoes! And a pair like these would be perfect.

So that's a short list of things I need for summer. That and a new bag :) Hah am I the only one that seems to be in such a need for some new clothes or is there someone else out there like me?? Fingers crossed to find some goodies!

Happy weekend! x


  1. i love rockie, she's been my inspiration since finding her on dA. <3

  2. I love those shorts! and the lace sweater too. I was in a similar predicament a week ago, except it was for winter clothes- it is starting to get cold here! good luck on your hunting :)

  3. I just love Rockie, she is one of the reasons I started taking photo's.

    I went thrifting last weekend & got such a good start to a new summer wardrobe. I cannot wait to wear my new stuff. Hope you find a whole load of goodies in Wellington (:

  4. Oh, every single look is absolutely gorgeous!

    Have fun on your trip to Wellington :)

    Claire Marie x

  5. Her style is amazing! I really love the colour of her hair as well! I'm always in need of some new clothes..


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