Sunday, October 17, 2010

Recycled furniture - Recreate

A little while ago I came across Recreate via Curious Constellations. Designer Katie Thompson takes innovation to a whole new level and gives a new meaning to the saying "one man's junk is another man's treasure".

"Using pieces of discarded junk, Katie recreates a unique, recycled range of furniture, lighting and interior accessories, each piece infused with its own previous character but with a new function."

Fascinating to see what you can use to create these cutting edge pieces. I am in love! And totally would not mind owing "The Suitcase Chair".

Also, thank you to everyone who entered the Neverland Collective giveaway. I will be in touch with the winner shortly :)


  1. This is all so lovely! I want the chair at the top- perfect for a corner reading chair :)

  2. Really beautiful and inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  3. this is great! I love the pail/bucket turned into a little cushion. Great inspiration :)

  4. Ok I want - no, NEED - that chair! It's absolutely lovely!

    Claire Marie x

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  6. I so love the seating in these pics. You are top notch. I'm going on a hunt for an old suitcase this weekend. LOL!!!


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