Monday, October 18, 2010

A place to call home.

Meet Ines Colmorgen + André Wyst, owners of the most beautiful Berlin apartment featured below. I am drooling over the beautiful white interior, with a clean crisp design when it comes the furniture and decor.

I find it really hard to narrow down a specific style or theme that I would like to decorate my home with one day. I guess it's a good thing that I don't have a proper home set up yet, and gives me some time to sort out ultimately what I would like.
There is just too much to like in this house:

I could add these tins to my wish list. I love and adore tins!

Isn't the diamond style floor just gorgeous?

Stunning collection of tea cups and saucers.

My favourite: A sewing room! This I definitely want!

And lastly, a fantastic book collection. Something I should get started on now :)

Freunde von Freunde via Graphic Exchange.


  1. I want this to be my house :(

  2. beautiful. now that i have my own place finally this kind of thing makes me want to decorate and re-decorate all the time.

  3. such beautiful spaces!!! ahhh so inspiring :)

    i see you are from nz!!! honeymooned there. what a gem!!


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