Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'll eat you up I love you so.

Finally, it's weekend. Breathe.

Earlier on this week I was planning on spending my time this weekend immersing myself in crafts, sewing, drawing and finishing off some design work. But do you know what, I am going to scrap all that and instead I am off to the lake with the family to have some play time on the jet ski.

However, I do have some inspiration to share with you! Moxiedoll has the sweetest etsy store filled with beautiful embroider wall hangings! I've done some smaller simpler embroider pieces, but this totally inspired me to get some more. I must say, I adore that heart! I can already see it in my little house :)

Also, just a reminder, tomorrow is the last day to enter the Neverland Collective giveaway so get in quick! :)


  1. oh the first one, adorable!! love Where the wild things are!!

  2. beautiful embroidery... but i can't help feeling a little soar... i recently did an embroidery of a human heart on one of my grandma's old hankies... great minds think alike i suppose! haha.

  3. Oh, these are beautiful! I'm definitely gonna have to try my hand at embroidery.

  4. I love the embroidering! I remember that rhyme from childhood... A day by the lake sounds lovely.

  5. I love these little treats..!

    Reminds me of the cross stitch gems my mum used to do.




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