Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy indeed.


Everything is these pictures make me absolutely happy and content. So I hope you enjoy them too :) Keeping this post short as I have some reading to do! Bought myself Wuthering Heights and On the Road today, and my lovely husband just got the fire started so I could enjoy my reading. What a babe.

First time reading the Penguin classics, so if you have any other recommendations, please let me know! I am clueless when it comes to fiction books! :)


  1. Everything makes me happy too! I love maps, and bikes. This post is too inspirational for words. Thanks for always share the best treasures. <3

  2. oh these pics are amazing.
    And let me say the new design/layout of your blog is gorgeous, love it!

  3. so many suggestions! if you enjoy wuthering heights, which you should because it is amazing! then jane eyre is an obvious next. and then you must move on to all of the austens... pride and prejudice being her most famous of course but mansfield park is her most sophisticated work... and then i must suggest edith warton for the american counter part which came a little later! enjoy!

  4. Have you read 'The Great Gatsby'? Thats a stunning book. Or maybe 'Brideshead Revisited'?

  5. i am so happy that here, we are just coming to fall and for the books by the fire it will bring! top classics are: les miserables, the count of monte cristo, and well. there are so many.

  6. Jane Eyre is my favourite one of the 'classics'

    It was the first classic I ever read and is still my favourite.

  7. Thanks everyone for the great recommendations!!!! :)

    @meowmeow Naww thanks :) I am happy that you like it!!!

    @vintageveggie&@curious constellations Yes I looked at Jane Eyre!! That might be my next buy!

    @Elizabeth Oooh I actually picked up The Great Gatsby, but then saw Wuthering Heights :P

    @carissa Oooh do you know I still have never read/seen Les Miserables! Shame ay! That's why I need a good catch up of English classics :)


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