Monday, September 13, 2010

A cup of tea and a read of etsy.

(mengsel. lola's room. vintage avacado. dear colleen.)

There is seriously nothing better than spending a sweet Monday on the computer with a cup of tea and our dear beloved etsy. I have just finished spring cleaning my home this past weekend and now it just needs a touch of etsy. These are some of sweet finds I stumbled upon and thought I would share :)

So it will be easy to say, that this Monday I am loving:

etsy.. redecorating my home.. art prints.. 120 film.. home baking.. trees with blossoms.. great lunches.. experimenting with new recipes.. waking up to my man kissing me goodbye.. sleeping in.. sunny days.. soft pink.. babies.. tins.. playing piano.. planning holidays.. cigars.. the eighties.. emma.. twitter.. moro gold.. laughing..

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  1. Sounds like the perfect morning to me! So many great finds too!

  2. I love those canisters! Great finds :)


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