Saturday, September 11, 2010

Break time.

It's time for a break.
Who knew cleaning the house could be so tiring?? I've done three loads of washing, been through my tallboy and bedside drawers, our old collection of CD's and books and cleaned out all the junk that's been accumulated throughout the years. This etsy shop brought me some inspiration for making me house look gorgeous. And I've got some money saved up, so I think I might go a bit etsy crazy to redecorate my home.

So, better get back into it. Anyone else cleaning this weekend or am I the only poor soul doing a Spring clean? :)


  1. Yayyy good on you! My house is kind of in need of a spring clean too but rather than to get rid of junk (done a lot of that recently and feeling on top of it) but to clean those places that always get missed- under the bed/ couches, behind shelves and the fridge, on top of high to reach places, behind the back of the wardrobe... ahh it makes me kind of sick to think about it!

  2. I'm spring cleaning too...but it's more of a 'crap, my mother in law is coming to stay' kind of a clean. I wish I was one of those people who picked up after themselves as they go along.....

    p.s. your blog popped up on my recommended items list in my feedreader recently, and I enjoy seeing what inspires you, you always find the loveliest things!

  3. Yep time for a break and enjoy... The photos are so lovely.

  4. I should be spring cleaning but I've gotta study for exams. Boohoo.

    These photos are so gorgeous and good on you for doing all that work! :D

  5. i find spring cleaning tiring, in my case fall cleaning ;)

    those items are really pretty!! show us if u buy something



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