Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pretend and make believe.

Don't you love going back to links of artists/photographers that you adore, to find they have new work?? Kareena Zerefos is seriously amazing, her work is absolutely breathtaking! I adore all her older work (like this print, which I want so badly!) and cannot believe that I haven't seen her work on wood before.

And to make it even better, her adorable prints have also now been turned into a limited edition jewellery collection, ZM935♥KAREENA. So I definitely have a few items I need saving up!


  1. those are lovely! thanks for sharing them.

  2. I never even noticed they were on wood. They are beautiful!

    Wouldn't it be just dandy to have hats like that?

  3. oh those are magical. lovely artist. i lovee art on wood.
    peace & love!


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