Thursday, September 23, 2010

The art of thrifting.

Okay, confession time.
I don't have very good thrifting skills yet. Every time I seem to go out to find some beautiful vintage finds, I come home nearly empty handed. I just cannot seem to find such beautiful pieces as what I seem to see on everyone else's flickr/blogs. I reckon there's a real art to thrifting. You need to have the eye to know where to look and how long to look for (hah, I seem to give up pretty quickly!).

So here are some pretty little thrift finds which I wish was mine!

Tins, tins, so many tins! I love tins and glass vases and any little storage containers.

I always look out for books with nice covers (if you didn't know, go read my post judge a book by it's cover). So even if I am not planning on reading it, I will still by it!

(paula mills)

If you have any great thrifting tips, oh do let me know! :) When I have a good day of thrifting, I will post some photos...but that is only when I have a good day hah!


  1. I am exactly the same as you! I would love to find pretty things when I go thrifting, it seems like so many bloggers get great things everytime! I almost always come home empty handed.
    Those are some great finds above!
    Good luck with your thrifting :)

  2. I seem to have the same problem. Maybe 1 trip out if 10 I'll find something that I really love. I can tell you where you should go to thrift, Northern Tasmania...thrift and collectable stores galore. One small town has 6 thrift stores!

  3. want to come visit me in dc? there is some good thrifting around here! :)

  4. We have a saying at our house--you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince! Thrifting is a treasure hunt, and it's mostly persistence that makes it pay off. All those pictures of great stuff you're seeing, they probably didn't say how many things they looked at before they found them.

    Don't give up! There are some wonderful finds out there, and you will find them!

  5. i love op shopping with all my heart! my trick is to go in knowing what i'm looking for and then make sure you dig quite a bit. Also some areas are better than others but in Hamilton Frankton and 5 Crossroads win :)

  6. I find if i make it a regular trip (say every week to 2 weeks) i am more likely to find something awesome. Also - country town op shops are usually really awesome and usually less combed through than city op shops.

    and of course - garage sales/church or school fetes are often a good ways to find goods as well.

    the more places you go the more likely you are to find some awesome pretty things :)

  7. so pretty ! in one way it's good my appartment is tiny...i would buy all kind of stuff like that if i had room !

  8. Me too! I have awful luck when I go :(

  9. Oh they are lovely! I love opshopping, its basically the one fun thing I do on my days off :) I do tend to come home empty handed a fair bit though :( good luck finding all the things you want :)

  10. these are beautiful!!

    i love how you used katrina's (pugly pixel) vintage fabric on your blog! so so sweet!!!



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