Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Adventure Land


Success is often achieved by those who don't know that failure is inevitable.
- Coco Chanel

Today, in three week, our brand spanking new store will be opened! And oh boy, it is scary and exciting stepping into this Adventure Land! We've had our current store for about nine months now, but taking the leap into opening a second one (which will be quite different in style and merchandise) is definitely a step of faith. But that's just it. It's a step of faith. You cannot be restricted by fear of failure to jump out and go after your dreams. One thing specific that I learnt from doing my internship last year, is that it was a requirement to fail.

Because failing means you tried. Failing means you stepped out. I don't think the prospect of failing should be a thing to be so afraid of.

What's your views on failing and success?


  1. Failing and success? I'm not sure anymore. Especially in this economy, when 'successful' people are destitute and speculators are profiting. I guess success and failure is all perspective - its in the eye of the individual, whether you see yourself as a success or a failure.

  2. I think I basically agree with what you said. Though some of it is subjective. People might think you're failing when you didn't earn that much money, but in the meantime you couldn't be happier. That kind of thing. Or you're not with the cutest boy in the world but you know the two of you are right for each other.

    Best of luck on the new store!

  3. That is very true on both comments. And I totally agree.

    I guess it's the perception of what success and failure is to different people. I think it's good to put a positive spin on what we view "failure" to be, as I think it discourages a lot of people and prohibits them from achieving goals and dreams.

    Thanks for the insights girls :)


  4. gorgeous paper cranes! good luck with the new store!

  5. I agree with the above comments.
    Good luck with the new store.
    I love the photo.


  6. I believe failing is a part of success. I think one can truly learn from failing and the success you achieve one day will be humbled and modest :)


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