Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Interior Edition


Don't you just love revisiting old links to find that it has been updated with lots of new goodies? A good few months ago, some of these photos were featured in this post of mine. I just love drooling over the beautiful colours used throughout her house! And what I especially like about these images, is the motif of the cross being used throughout the interior. Very catchy!

I adore the tins as well! My tin collection is quite small at the moment, but I am eyeing my mother's collection, which seems to be much bigger than mine! I cannot wait for the day that she wants to start updating her containers and give me all her deliciously beautiful old tins.

In other news, I have finally finished watching Heroes season 3 and I desperately need another programme now to fill this void. So long staying up till 1am to finish the series, I will miss you! What's some other good television classics to get into?



  1. that decoration is just too lovely

  2. i'm enjoying these images, so thanks for sharing these links. i'm terribly smitten with the medicine cabinet. :)

  3. oh thanks !!! Sweden is definitly worth seing !

    i love this style ! talking about Sweden i visited Carl Larsson's house last weekend (one of the most famous swedish painter and artist in general actually) and his house looked kinda like this, so many colours and styles mixed, gorgeous !

  4. These images are lovely! I love interior design. I can't wait to have my own place and design the heck out of it!

  5. Those are gorgeous photographs, love the white walls and colorful pieces....


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