Thursday, June 13, 2013

Life Lately.

Yeow! What a great couple of weeks filled with adventures in the Yarra Ranges, new additions to our home, personal projects and of course new favorite eateries we've tried!

On Monday we celebrated the Queen's birthday with an awesome public holiday, so Neil and I decided to head for the hills and get out of town for the day. We headed out to the Yarra Ranges to find beautiful nature tracks. Everything about the day made me appreciate all the beauty that's in Victoria and very grateful for living in such a beautiful state! If you're familiar with any other awesome places around Victoria, do let me know so I can look them up and plan many more trips.

We've been looking at adding some new addition to our home every couple of weeks to fill up our house and we've been doing well so far! I'm absolutely loving the fact that our home finally has a bit of warmth in the form of a rug (despite the fact that wooden floors look super sexy, they aren't the greatest during the colder winter months....especially if you have high ceilings!) as well as some extra greenery around the place. And yes, I fully recommend succulents for those who can't look after plants too well (yeah...kinda preaching to myself over here!).

Oh and may I just add, if you've seen my recent Sugar Free recipe post last week, you will know that I'm on the road to killing sugar for good! It's been a rather good start to the week I must say (...with a few exceptions of course!) and I'm just praying that it will become easier to look away from the chocolate mint cookies left over at work, and resist the last slice of baklava left in the pantry from the weekend of entertaining (I managed to take them all into work and out of our house!!!! Phew!). 

Such an eventful and productive couple of weeks if I say so myself! And although this was a short week for us, can I just say... I'm so glad it's weekend!!!!! Happy weekend all x


  1. sounds like you've been busy and having fun! i love always being adventurous :)

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  2. Ahhhhh I love it!!!

  3. Oooooh! What is that pretty font on your adventure photo?? I need it! x

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